KITALO!! Omuvubuka owemyaka 28 aye taate amuzaala owemyaka 65

The Police in Rukungiri district have detained a 28-year-old man for the alleged murder of his own 65-year biological father for yet unknown reasons.

ASP Elly Maate the Kigezi region Police spokesman told the media that the incident happened on 17th July 2023 at around 10 pm, at Kateramo village, Kikongi parish, Bwambara sub-county.

According to Maate, the Police were informed by Tumushabe John, the Chairperson of Kateramo village that Mbanganisa John, a resident of the same village, Kikongi parish, Bwambara Sub County in the Rukungiri District was killed.

The deceased is suspected to have been killed by his biological son Byamukama Justus 28, a resident of the same area.

According to the Police, it’s alleged that on 17th July 2023 at around 10 pm, the deceased was inside the house with his grandchildren. Byamukama Jastus (Suspect) came and knocked on their door. One Niwahereza Evans, a male juvenile aged 12 years opened the door for him and he entered and started threatening the father that he was going to beat him.

The deceased cautioned him not to disturb him and requested him (the suspect) to go and sleep where he had been sleeping at Rwenshama. The Suspect became violent against the Father and picked a walking stick, started hitting the deceased, grabbed his neck, and threw the victim on the bed.

The young children’s alarm for the rescue of their grandfather attracted the neighbor Kamani Edson and others who saw the Suspect coming from the scene heading to the Kateramo trading center.

Kamani alerted the defense secretary Muyambi Protazi both traced and arrested the suspect and alerted Bikurungu Police who hurried, re- arrested, and took the suspect to police custody.

The case was registered at Bikurungu Police post under reference number SD 02/18/07/2023, scene of the crime was visited and documented by a team of homicide, CIO, and SOCO who recorded statements from relevant witnesses. The body was conveyed to Rwakabengo Health Centre III mortuary for postmortem examination.


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