TUFUDDE!! Wuuno Omukazi asse omwanawe namufumba namulya

Police in Yumbe district have arrested a 24-year-old woman over allegedly slaughtering her three-month-old baby boy and eating some parts of the body.

Nadia Manjubo, a resident of Chamanikua village, Yayari parish in Lori sub-county, was arrested on Wednesday evening following a tip off by some of the locals.

Yumbe District Police Commander, Edgar Akankwatsa said the police visited the scene of the crime and documented it.

He added that the postmortem was done and the remains of the body were handed over to the relatives for burial. Chamanikua villageĀ LC1 chairperson Safi Oduga Muhammad described the incident as evil.

He said upon learning about the macabre incident, the community was shocked because it was the first time that such an incident has happened in their area.

According to him, the suspect got married in Koboko, but she had come to the village about two months ago with the baby at hand.

Oduga said the matter came to be known when family members started asking for the whereabouts of the baby after realising that it was missing. “The mother insisted that the baby was with young girls who came to pick it up,” he said.

He added that after some time, the suspect called her sister-in-law and asked her whether she should give her some pieces of meat to be cooked for supper only to find, the head of a child, arms and some parts of the body.

He added that, when they followed her inside, some parts of the body were found cooking on fire while others were readily cooked in a saucepan.

“We found, she had cooked some parts and eaten while more was on fire cooking. Not only that but also, she had mingled food ready to eat what she was preparing on fire,” Oduga added.

Salim Aluma, the grandfather of the suspect with whom she lives, said the suspect is suffering from a mental illness, which is seasonal.

He said, Manjubo grew up healthy and left home to go to Koboko where she got married without complications, but developed some mental disorders a few years ago.

He, however, said it’s very difficult for someone to realize that Manjubo is mentally sick because most times she is normal.

“It’s about two years now that Manjubo started showing some unusual behavior and most times it’s seasonal” he said.


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