“Oyo Sheebah kaana kunze and I can’t compete with my child,” | Cindy Sanyu Disses Sheebah

Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) president singer Cindy Sanyu has called fellow singer and competitor Sheebah Kalungi a child. She has said Sheebah is a child compared to her musically and there is no way she can compete with her.

This came after Cindy scheduled her concert on the same date as Sheebah and on the same venue. Sheebah announced her concert last month and Cindy just announced her concert yesterday. Fans were so surprised as they questioned Cindy’s motive.

The two have been beefing for some years and Ugandans have always requested for a music battle between them. Cindy is always saying she is ready big Sheebah always hides away from it.

The two have always dissed each other with Cindy saying Sheebah is not talented. Sheebah has also talked about Cindy’s financial status, living in rentals because for her she has already built before even giving birth.

The beef kind of slowed down when Cindy got married and started focusing on her family. So far she has welcomed two children in a period of just two years and she looks to be ready for the music industry again.

The singer was asked if she is looking for a music comeback using Sheebah. She said she can’t look for a comeback from a person she nurtured. “For me, Sheebah is a kid. I’ve nurtured her, I wrote her first song, I can’t compete with my child,” she said.


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