Simanyi Kaiyz mukyamujukila eyakolanga olugambo ku NBS TV?

Kaiyz real name Isaac Kawalya, a renowned entertainment journalist continues to enjoy life in the US since he went AWOL from NBS TV.

Kaiyz left Uganda quietly at the beginning of this month and it was Jenkins Mukasa who disclosed the news. According to Jenkins, Kaiyz told him that NBS TV has not appreciated him the way he deserves.

He said when he lost his mum, they never gave him time to grieve. He has been working tirelessly but when it comes to salary increments, they overlook him and offer newcomers heavy cheques. When he complained, they told him he can resign if he is not satisfied with what he got.

Since arriving in the US, Kaiyz has been having a blast. He teamed up with former Bukedde TV presenter, Flavia Namulindwa who owns a YouTube channel, Diaspora Connect UG. The pair discuss issues and trending weekly stories on Diaspora Connect UG.

Yesterday, the gossipmonger filmed himself on the private jet with Flavia Namulindwa and started bragging. Kaiyz claimed they are the first journalists to board a private jet as he sipped champagne.


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