Minister Kasolo spent looted Emyooga UGX 2Bn on his Hotel and wedding

An ongoing House probe has cast to light the thieving scheme by junior Minister of Microfinance Hon. Kyeyune Harunah Kasolo who channeled UGX 2Bn to his own personal leisure industry investments and a lavish wedding to his side wife last year.

According to findings, Minister Kasolo through his own Non-Governmental Organization dubbed Kasolo Foundation Limited which according to Uganda Registration Services Bureau indicates him as the sole signatory to its bank account, the Minister took UGX 2Bn.

It is feared that the looted money may not be recovered by the Joel Ssenyonyi-led COSASE after it has been known that the embattled Minister who lost his MP seat spent the money to erect his own hotel dubbed Solo Heights Hotel situated in Masaka city.

As a company limited by guarantee, and which the government set up to extend affordable micro-credit services to financially marginalized groups, MSC has two shareholders, namely, the Minister of Finance, and the Minister of General duties in the Office of the Prime Minister. Both shareholders are represented on its board, with Mr. Kasolo representing the Finance Ministry.

In a Friday COSASE probe, Mr. Ssenyonyi established that some of the Minister’s fraudulent dealings are not well captured in Auditor General John Muwanga’s report.

“So many of these things (scheming) are not in the AG’s report, but we get information in various ways,” Ssenyonyi said.

The committee also learned that there was a conflict of interest since the money that was taken was for the benefit of the very people who were issuing it out, implying chances of recovery are minimal.

On January 30th, 2023, the Minister used part of the money to introduce his fiancee Dr. Ruth Biyinzika, a key figure in the Private Sector Foundation Uganda.

The Nkokonjeru held function took over UGX 750m according to knowledgeable sources, and in fact, the Minister gifted his lover a brand new range rover sport worth UGX 500m.


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