Alien Skin alina emizimu jobwaavu ejimutawaanya – Bajjo

Bobi Wine sympathizers and NUP fanatics have continued to hit out hard at singer Alien Skin with the latest being Promoter  Bajjo. Bajjo who claimed that the singer has a demon of poverty lingering over him.

According to Bajjo, the Party singer would have been the most paid now in Uganda if he knew how to play his cards right. However, it’s a pity that he has been falling out with the same people who catalyzed his rise to fame.

According to the event’s promoter, it was suicidal of Alien Skin to attack ‘the people’s president,’ Bobi Wine. More so it was a curse to insult Abitex who organized his first show.

It should be noted that Bajjo alongside Abitex was the one hyping the Fangon Forest boss a few months ago. They made sure to organize his concert in order to sabotage another, Pallaso’s. And indeed, they pulled it off successfully.

However, it is now the same promoters trying to pull the singer down with several allegations against him. Promoter Bajjo further added that the singer has so far been involved in every negative publicity stunt. This included praising Satan for salvaging him.

“You know there are some people who are born to be poor and die of poverty. And I think that’s just how Alien Skin’s family is. He doesn’t know how to control his mouth.

How do you attack the people’s president, Bobi Wine? And also go ahead to insult an old person like Abitex.That is a curse. He masterminded his own downfall by singing that the devil unchained him,” said Bajjo.

Furthermore, the promoter said that Alien Skin has no talent at all. In fact, it was the slap from Pallaso that put him where he is. And they as promoters just felt pity for him and decided to give him a platform. But he’s not as big as he thinks.


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