Did Eddy Mutwe beat Eddy Messiah? Here is the hidden truth

There are videos trending on social media of National Unity Platform (NUP) president Bobi Wine’s bodyguard Eddy Mutwe fighting Eddy Messiah.

It happened after Eddy Messiah showed up at NUP’s head offices in Kamwokya without any invitation looking for Bobi Wine.

According to the video, they let him inside the premises, and after a few minutes, they told him to leave because the person he was looking for wasn’t around.

He refused to move leading to a scuffle between him and Eddy Mutwe. As a bodyguard, he was left to look after his boss’ property.

One of NUP members Bobi Young denied allegations of beating Eddy Messiah. He said NUP is a place that welcomes everyone and he was also welcomed like any other person.

The truth is that Eddy Messiah was looking for his own issues but no one actually beat him, they just told him to leave the premises something he didn’t want.

It should be noted that Eddy Messiah is a member of NRM, it is not clear what he was looking for in National Unity Platform (NUP) fraternity.




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