Grace Khan reveals the only way to stop her from loving Prince Omar

Have you ever heard of an obsession? Someone loves you and they reach to the core. This seems to be the story of struggling singers Grace Khan and Prince Omar.

Apparently, the Kamese Tambula singer is way too obsessed with her baby daddy. The two in the past couple of days have dominated social media with scandals relating to their affair.

Grace has now revealed what would make her stop loving her baby daddy. This is only if she’s abducted and taken to somewhere she can’t escape from to see her lover.

This is because he has loved her so much and her daughter too. Therefore the haters will keep talking but they should rest assured that nothing will happen at all because she’s head over heels for him and she’s confident that he feels the same way towards her.

Prince Omar meanwhile revealed that his family doesn’t like her and they don’t want him to settle down with her.


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