LABA AMAANYI GENJAYE !! Grace Khan akubye Boyfriend Kid Dee ebikonde nemigele

Band musician Grace Namuwulya aka Grace Khan has been involved in a bitter fight with upcoming singer Kid Dee at Mesach Semakula’s Papaz restaurant in Makindye to the extent of throwing beer bottles at each other.

According to a video clip making rounds online, Grace Khan and Kid Dee got into a bitter fight leaving each other crying as Grace was claiming that Kid Dee made false allegations.

A few months ago Kid Dee claimed that he is the biological father to Grace Khan’s baby, Grannah, which she says is all false.

When Grace Khan revealed she was pregnant, some guys came out and claimed responsibility which annoyed Grace and today, she met him at Papaz Restaurant in Maindye and thumped him.

Kid Dee wanted to fight back but he was restrained. He insisted Grannah is his before he boarded the car and left the scene.



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