“NJA KUKUBA PAKA NGA OZEEMU AMAGEZI” Grace Khan explains why she beat up Kid Dee

Band Musician Grace Khan has come out and clearly explained why she took matters in her hands and beat fellow musician Kid Dee.

Khan in her statement showed that she is not sorry for beating up the upcoming singer and promised to beat him every chance she gets.

Khan accused Kid Dee of claiming to be the son of her daughter yet she has never talked to Kid Dee and doesn’t know why he should be claiming to be a father to her daughter.

“Someone who has always been calling himself my gal’s baby dad we met for the first time” Khan explains her encounter with Kid Dee at Papas Spot.

Grace Khan is a mother to one beautiful daughter whom she acknowledges another musician as the father.

Fast Rising musician Kid Dee has for a time being been claiming in the media that he is the father of Khan’s daughter.

According to Khan, when she saw someone who has been claiming to be the father of her daughter showing up at the place, she lost temper and came to fight him.

In video recordings that were seen, Khan was seen throwing beer bottles at Kid Dee who tried by all means to dodge the bottles before the two were separated.

Kid Dee on the other hand claims that he claimed to be Grace Khan’s baby dad to help her know the father of the child since she didn’t know the one who was responsible.

Khan says that she willl not report Kid Dee to authorities but will use her own iron hand to deal with him whenever she meets him.

Angry Khan who sounded bitter however apologized to the proprietor of the restaurant legendary musician Papa Mesach Ssemakula for causing chaos at his place. Here is her full statement.

Hello taata @Mesach Semakula It’s me your dear Daughter Grace Khan I am here to apologize about today’s act! Taata you know me very well I have never done anything like this regardless of how many times I have been at your place!

But since someone who has always been calling himself mu gals baby dad we met for the first time (Omuntu gwesogelangako Naye olwokuba ye anywa drugs nenjagaze Dad Kumwana wange ntabuka)I won’t go in details taata im very sorry for the act !

Hope my Sorry Gets granted! And for the customers @papas spot is not a violent place Naye ye we Musanze Mumilembe jange ate nga nawalala wenkusanga njakukolako nga amateka bwegalagila agatali ga police! Until I rest in peace


I am sorry Dad


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