NYABO ZARI If you don’t want to do the job, refund the money – Zari accused of Fraud

Socialite and businesswoman Zari the Boss Lady is in hot soup onc again. She has been accused of Fraud by some ladies. They have told her to return the money they paid her if she is not willing to do the job that was given to her.

Zari is a socialite but also a social media influencer. She works as an ambassador of different brands and so many businesses want her to work for them.

Most of the time, these business people don’t get to the amount of money they work for while others don’t vibe with their businesses.

That is what happened this time around. The ladies paid Zari the Bosslady to work with them as an ambassador but unfortunately, she said she didn’t feel it.

According to the ladies, they have no problem with Zari refusing to work with them. The only problem they are having is that they paid her their money already. The only thing they want is Zari the Bosslady to pay them back their money and move on.


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