BAMBI Alien Skin agobedde dala CHampion Gudi mu Fangon Forest

Singer Alien Skin has decided to send away his lead security detail, Champion Gudo and his older brother away from Fangon Forest.

This is after the Kampala Parents School saga that has been a huge saga in the news. Apparently the school offered Champion Gudo a scholarship.

Alien Skin requested to come to them and outline details of the bursary but they refused. This saw MC Kats who has been at the center stage of this escalate the situation by hunting down for Champion Gudo’s father who had abandoned the family for years.

Kats who seems to have an agenda against the Sitya Danger singer made sure to antagonize Fangon Forest masquerading as a helper. This was despite Champion Gudo’s older brother telling him how Alien has been helping them and how they don’t want to anyone’s help that he hasn’t consented to.

Left with no option, Alien Skin has now asked the boys to go back to Kawempe. In an emotional video, they revealed how they had left and gone back to the ghettos.


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