One of LDC’s Best Graduates Resorts to Street Preaching after Own Pastor Says “It’s Her Calling”

Twitter has erupted into flames over gossip of a one Shivan Alinda, a recent top graduate from Law Development Center (LDC), after a photo of herself emerged, preaching the gospel on a street in Ntinda in Uganda’s capital – Kampala.

It is alleged that following her graduation with super grades in the bar course at Uganda’s best law institution, Ms Alinda didn’t get to give her career in legal practice, the attention it deserves. This was after her pastor allegedly told her that Law was not her calling, instead preaching was.

The public was left shocked after the rumor took a tract on social media. In her response, Alinda had this to say:

“In order to clear the air, I’ll respond as such; I am not unemployed as depicted in the tweet below. Neither was I instructed to leave my work to pursue street preaching. I am infact happily practicing the law.“ “I preach the gospel but definitely not during work hours.“

It’s now a hot talk on how she decided to take her pastor’s advice to heart and embark on a unique journey of spreading the gospel on the streets. The public, as well, questions whether she benefits and is able to sustain herself, from the purported ‘new career’ – evangelism.


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