OMUSAJJA AGENDA – Bobi Wine assures Ugandans

The leader of the National Unity Platform (NUP), Robert Kyagulanyi, also known as Bobi Wine, has said that the international community’s distancing themselves from President Museveni is the key to weakening his grip on power after ruling Uganda for 37 years.

During an appearance on a local radio station, Kyagulanyi stated that indications point to Museveni’s declining strength as international bodies begin withdrawing their support for him.

“We are working at both local and international levels, understanding that once the international community fully distances itself from Museveni, as it is already beginning to do, we will be dealing with a significantly weaker Museveni. This will make our efforts to bring about his downfall much easier,” he affirmed.

Kyagulanyi revealed that there is a plan in motion to ensure President Museveni is removed from power before 2026. Alternatively, they aim to ensure that by 2026, when Museveni is considerably weakened and unable to exert much influence, he can no longer hold onto power.

Currently, on a national tour across the country, Kyagulanyi stated that the purpose of the tour is to showcase to the people of Uganda what they missed when the 2021 election was rigged.

“Our program revolves around advocating for a return to democracy, the restoration of civilian rule, and the revitalization of the economy. As we travel throughout the country, we remind people about the rigged elections and how they will persist unless we firmly stand against them,” he explained.

When asked if he would contest the 2026 elections, Kyagulanyi stated that they have not yet focused on 2026. He emphasized their intention to bring about change in the present circumstances and fundamentally alter the prevailing factors.

He argued that discussing 2026 would imply asking the people to be patient and wait until then, which he deemed morally wrong. Instead, he stressed the urgency of addressing the issue at hand and achieving progress before 2026.

Kyagulanyi has repeatedly called upon the international community to cease aiding President Museveni, highlighting that these resources are being used to infringe upon the rights of Ugandans.

Vote rigging and allegations of unfair electoral processes have long been central to the grievances of presidential election losers in Uganda, including the current ruling regime, the NRM government.

In the 1980 elections, the DP lost to the UPC, but the UPM, which had not even secured 10% of the votes, claimed vote rigging and threatened to resort to armed resistance.

In the 2001, 2006, 2011, and 2016 presidential elections, Dr. Kizza Besigye, once an ally of Museveni but later a strong rival, consistently alleged vote rigging, a concern he also raised during the 2015 presidential candidates’ debate. Besigye even petitioned the Supreme Court on the matter.

Following the recent 2021 General elections, Kyagulanyi similarly alleged widespread vote rigging, resulting in his party garnering 35.8% of the total votes, while incumbent President Museveni secured 58.3%.

This week, Kyagulanyi embarked on a nationwide mobilisation campaign, commencing with visits to Mbarara, Fort Portal, and Kasese, and reaching Kabale district amidst a mixture of excitement and heightened security presence.

The NUP’s national campaign aims to traverse the entire country, engaging with diverse communities and promoting their message of unity and collaboration. Next week, Kyagulanyi will visit the Busoga region.


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