Former Koboko DPC changes gender to from male to female

Samuel Abwang, a Ugandan Police officer who is currently in Canada has finally switched his gender from male to an accomplished female.

How and when he got there remains a subject of scrutiny in the security circles that are privy to his escape from custody of Makindye Military barracks.

At the time if his departure, he was serving as Koboko District Police Commander (DPC). Abwang, while at the station, source said was living larger than life prompting his superiors and juniors to question his source of wealth.

“In Koboko all cops sleep in houses provided by Police which mostly are uniports. But Afande Sam (as his is commonly known) was staying in a hotel from the time he was deployed in West Nile,” said a source who preferred anonymity.

While in West Nile, Abwang would travel to Kampala to make merry with his pals in the city’s posh hangouts and he would foot the bill.

At his rank and deployment Abwang was earning shs 800,000. This amount can only be spent on fuel if anyone was to travel from West Nile to Kampala.

His source of extra income, however remained his secret.
After his arrest the extravagant cop was told his charges are recruitment of homosexuals and selling guns.

“He disappeared from duty and up today we have never seen him again. That is about two months ago,” said a source.

A separate source said, Abwang was detained in Makindye army barracks and was not produced in either military or civilian court for trial. His arrest remained a top secret in security circles.

However, those who sanctioned his arrest were dismayed to learn that Abwang had gone missing in Makindye detention facility.

Abwang during active service as DPC Koboko prior to his escape to exile in Canada when the AHA 2022 was passed into law

“They later learnt he had fled to Canada where he presently stays,” a source said.
A number of Ugandans involved in homosexuality have sought sanctuary in Canada decrying extreme persecution back at home. Many have since gained citizenship in those foreign nations.



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