VIDEO: Watch as Mr Henrie praises Prima Kardashi’s sumbie

Mr Henrie is not your usual ex, the type that will go around to bad mouth you when you break up. He has stated time and time again how he has immense respect for his ex Prima Kardashi.

The Galaxy FM presenter said that he used to have a lot of money when they were still together. Everything used to flow in well financially and even Geosteady knows this.

He added that there are several women who are jinxed and have bad omens on them. The instant you sleep with them, problems start falling your way.

According to Mr Henrie, several women always go to witch doctors to get luck and in the end, jeopardize everything. Additionally, he said that they Prima’s sumbie was the best and also blessed.

Therefore women should make sure to pray for their sumbie because it means that when you have intercourse with someone, it means you have connected on different levels and can lead to different spiritual problems.


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