Here are Things That Didn’t Go Well with Sheebah and Cindy Music Battle

Singers Sheebah and Cindy Sanyu did their long-awaited music battle and fans were thrilled. Ugandans had waited for it for a long time because Sheebah’s former manager Jeff Kiwa had refused to give it a shot.

When she separated from Jeff Kiwa, she started doing what she always wanted. A music battle against Cindy Sanyu was one of the things.

Fans were excited when the battle was announced. On 15th September 2023 history was made both musicians performed live for more than 3 hours. However, some things didn’t go right in the show and fans who had attended couldn’t stop talking about them.

Famous entertainment analyst and talent Emma Carlos said most of the things like security were in order but when Dejaays started playing artists’ music before they came on stage, the surprise was ruined.

“The show is running smoothly with everything in order, including security. The only hiccup we encountered was playing the artists’ songs before their performances, which eliminated the element of surprise,” Emma Carols, manager

Other fans like Bruno K complained about the sound saying it was very poor. Apparently, fans were not enjoying the music like they should have been.

“The sound engineer has messed up my judgement. No further comment. Goodnight,” Bruno K tweeted

Then other fans complained about the mcees saying they were very unprofessional and vulgar yet even the young children were at home watching.

“I understand but we can’t have people shouting and being vulgar on stage. This is being watched on TV by different age groups and on top of that it’s a university funding this show. Is this the conduct they are promoting!,” Sheilah Gashumba tweeted.



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