When Faridah Nakazibwe broke friends’ pregnancy pact

NTV’s Faridah Nakazibwe recently signed off on a solemn pact with a group of friends to all have babies at the same time. She however, failed to hold her end of the deal.

Nakazibwe came clean about this failure during her graduation dinner last week, The news anchor and Mwasuze Mutya program host told guests that she and her course-mates had agreed to get pregnant and have babies before graduation. At the time, she was struggling with depression which nearly forced her to drop the course.

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But a group of female coursemates were there to encourage her to push on. These friends said had become like siblings, and that it was near the end of the course that they made the pregnancy pact.

At some point near the end of the course, we agreed to all get pregnant by graduation day,” she said. “But some failed to honor the pact. Some of them went in too early and they already have babies while some of us have entirely failed.”

Nakazibwe graduated with a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Victoria University on Thursday, September 14.

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Her graduation dinner was attended by her family, close friends and workmates. These included among others, her mother Hajjat Sarah Senyonjo, and her daughters Kinza, Aaliyah, and Briella.

One of Nakazibwe’s sisters in her speech said she was looking forward to her finding love and settling into a marriage.

Whoever will take her will find that she is a very smart woman. The Bible says a wise woman builds her own house,” she said.

Faridah has built her life with over 10 years on TV and we thank god for her wisdom. She is also a very beautiful woman.”


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