Samson Kasumba quits Twitter (X) after receiving too Many Abuses

Legendary journalist Samson Kasumba says he has received enough from X users and has decided to do away with his account.

In his last tweet, Kasumba explained how he joined Twitter in 2013 after being told that the social site is only occupied by elites who engage in mature discussions. “In 2013 I was told to join twitter as a place for serious responsible people,” Samson said.

The NBS news anchor says that the site has since changed to a den of abusers who do nothing other than spend a whole day abusing different people and posting useless things.

“A place of people I would be happy to associate with” Kasumba explained his expectations from Twitter “It is not longer that, I see abuse and all manner of nonsense.” He added.

Kasumba deactivated his account on September 28th 2023 and didn’t promise to come back to Twitter ever again.

Samson Kasumba was one of the most followed individuals on Twitter ranking number 8 on our list of 10 Most Followed Twitter Users in 2023.

He thanked those who had followed him since he joined Twitter and those who have been positively responding to his messages.

“I am grateful to those who have followed me here,” he said.

A lot of brands and individuals have quit X or stopped using X as their official communication channel ever since Elon Musk purchased the social site. Some of them cite the failure of X to regulate hate speech and racism.


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