Zari’s weakness is ‘falling in love hard’ – Dianah Nabatanzi

TV personality Dianah Nabatanzi believes that Zari Hassan’s weakness is falling in love with her boyfriends intensely, which makes her overlook some things.

Nabatanzi said: “The challenge she has, whenever she loves, she loves hard. Haven’t you met people, whenever they fall in love, it’s like they’ve never fallen in love before?”

She made the remarks in her show Kasukaali which she co-hosts with Haffy Powers and Hasifah Karungi on BBS TV.

Powers said: “Zari will forgive us, but she is a public figure, so we’ll use her as an example. I’m always wondering, doesn’t she get satisfied with love? That woman, when she loves, she really loves,… she comes full swing… By the way, that’s good. People like Zar, who don’t get tired of loving, you are the right person… Because when you stop loving, you will hate yourself.”

Ever since Hassan divorced Ivan Ssemwanga with whom they had three children, the only relationship that she has been in that has lasted more than a year is with Tanzanian singer Diamond Platinumz with whom they have two children.

She is currently dating Shakib Lutaaya, alias Cham, and they are having a great time together judging by their public appearances and media interviews.

Cham has even proposed to Hassan that he wants to meet her father. Hassan herself has also said they will have a family together.

Meanwhile, Nabantanzi had a daunting relationship with Masaka-born tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa, which could have laid a great foundation for character development.

Since their dramatic breakup, she has been linked to actor Ahmed Lubowa and B2C singing group member Mr. Lee.


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