Singer Victor Kamenyo fights with his lover on TikTok Live

It seems like social media has become the new court to settle marital affairs these days and singer Victor Kamenyo together with his lover decided to take their issues their. Well it seems Ruth nabbed the singer flirting with another Lady on phone.

She then asked him who it was and he lied that it was his cousin. Ruth asked the singer to call her and confirm if it’s true but the singer declined as he brought up all sorts of excuses.

He kept on bringing excuse after excuse as he avoided to call her. According to Ruth, she’s going to let this slide and won’t run away from him this time since she’s pregnant with his child.

It should be noted that Ruth last year had the singer crying and beggin like a baby for her to come back home. After so much pleading and doing all he could, she finally returned to him and they have been happy since then.


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