EKIKULU MWASAMA NYO | Ann Taylor Rules Out Delivery Rumors, Blames False News to Status Viewers

Media personality and actress Ann Taylor has watered down delivery rumours which have since morning been making rounds on social media.

Today morning Caroline Marcah took to Instagram to reveal how Ann Taylor who is currently in Dubai had given birth.

Marcah went on to congratulate Ann and attached a photo of the latter carrying a newborn baby, much to the excitement of social media users.

Some good news to close our year…. Tukube fireworks kati it’s okay. Congratulations my bujuna munchkin @anntaylorug am so happy for you mukyala muchotala omu bwati….
God is good. You hear nothing, Say nothing, Only serve.

However, when Ann Taylor crossed paths with the hearsay, she reacted by expelling it before urging her followers to treat it with the contempt it deserves.

Ann Taylor stressed that during her trip to Dubai, a friend came through to visit her with her baby at the hotel. She took a photo carrying her friend’s baby and shared it on her Whatsapp status with no caption, little did she know that it would be used to circulate false news.

She went on to urge her WhatsApp status viewers to always ask for clarity, rather than draw conclusions to issues they have no idea about.

This is just to clear the air I haven’t given birth yet like the news circulating on different media platforms. afriend came to visit us with her baby at the hotel in Dubai where we took a pic me holding her baby I posted it on my watsapp status with no caption little did I think that someone downloaded it and went a head to put out false news.

Dear my watsapp status viewers kyotategedde sokawebuze . THANK YOU ALL . Kindly always first check on my socials for clarity


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