Bobi Wine Defends Alien Skin Amid Criticism From NUP Supporters

Singer and politician Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has come to Fangone Forest singer Alien Skin’s defense amid online castigation.

For several months now, Alien Skin has been at odds with numerous People Power political wing supporters who claimed he betrayed them.

Amid all the social media fracas, Bobi Wine had been tight-lipped, until recently when he opened up in an interview with Isaac Kawalya Kaiyz on the Diaspora Connect YouTube channel, and below is what he had to say;

I don’t want to discuss individuals here and I don’t want to elevate or demotivate anyone. Everyone deserves an opportunity.

When Alien Skin emerged, when I had an opportunity to comment about him, I said he is a good artist and is a ghetto artist he deserves a chance. When we were young we made so many mistakes but we were given chances to grow up.

So everyone deserves a chance to grow up. Of course, we are in a society where people are oppressed and as I told you Museveni’s regime is looking for who to use. Sometimes they use you not to attack their opponents, but to neutralize you because they fear what musicians might become.

They try so hard to use against you, one they might want to disconnect you from the people that made you and also they might want to disconnect you from your colleagues by painting a picture that depicts that the oppressed are also in disarray. These are our people, we have no difference we are all oppressed, and we all want what is better.


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