Faridah Nakazibwe ‘Leaves NTV ‘ after 17 years ” | Neither Nakazibwe nor the station had confirmed these reports by Monday afternoon

Neither Nakazibwe nor the station had confirmed these reports by Monday afternoon. Popular television news anchor Faridah Nakazibwe has resigned from her position as the NTV Akawungeezi anchor and Mwasuze Mutya Host at NTV Uganda, a very credible source at the station told the website on Monday.

This website understands that Nakazibwe who is well known for her Luganda anchoring and show hosting laced with real-life experiences tendered her resignation last week.

Nakazibwe hasn’t publicly announced her resignation from the station but Ruth Kalibala hosted the Monday show. Nakazibwe last month graduated with a Master’s in Business Administration from Victoria University.

Speaking to reporters at the ceremony, she recounted the struggles she went through to complete this course.

Nakazibwe said it was especially hard for her as she had to juggle the evening classes with her work as the presenter of the 7 pm “Akawungeezi” news. “It is hard to study as an adult,” she stated with a mild smirk.

“At first, it was supposed to be physical classes. These are evening classes and it is when we are very busy in the newsroom,” she said. “So running from the newsroom to come and attend physical classes was not easy.”

Nonetheless, she described her graduation as a great achievement but added that there are more aspirations she’s looking at.

When asked if she plans to carry on with her studies and perhaps shoot for a PhD, Nakazibwe said she’s weighing her options.

“I am not quite sure yet because even when I finished my Bachelors, I initially refused to go for the Masters and decided to first utilize that experience until it was time to take this direction. I will first wait and see how far this (Masters) takes me,” she said.



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