Bruno K asekeledde abagala oluyimba lwe ‘NAKULYAKO’ okuluwela ku Radio

Singer Bruno K real name Bruno Kigundu is laughing at Ugandans on social media advocating for the ban of his ‘Nakulyako’ song. He said singing in Uganda is a business and people should be knowing about that before they say anything.

Bruno K released ‘Nakulyako’ song after having a misunderstanding with his baby mama and ex-girlfriend Dorah. Dorah came out to the media and exposed Bruno K telling the world how he pretends to be a good person yet he is the worst.

The singer refused to do interviews but he just released a song that sounded like it was talking about Dorah. Upon releasing the song, some female Ugandans were not happy with it. They tweeted asking Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) to ban the song as it’s not good.

Although the song hasn’t been done, Bruno K has come out and clarified about the song saying it is not about Dorah. He said the song was recorded four years ago but because it fits in the situation he is in, he decided to release it.

Bruno K asked fans to settle down especially those that want the song banned. It is already trending on social media

“Those saying it was a wrong move to release the ‘Nakulyako’ song need to settle down. The song is number 3 in the country right now. We are in the music business, y’all need to know,”– he said in an interview.


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