Andrew wants more kids but me I’m done – Flavia

Radio veteran Flavia Tumusiime has said she doesnt intend to have any more children even though her husband, Andrew Kabuura would relish a few more.

The couple has three boys, including a set of twins. But having endured two complicated pregnancies, the 35-year-old says the three will suffice for now, even without a baby girl.

I am done…right now I would say I am content. I know everyone is saying what about a girl? But I say I am also a girl and I am here,” Flavia told.

When we had one child we hoped the next would be a girl and when we realized we were having twins, we thought at least one of them would be a girl. Then we found that they were both boys and I said everyone needs to be firm now.”

During the NTV program and previously on her YouTube channel, Flavia discussed in detail how both her pregnancies were complicated and drained her physically and emotionally.

She says she suffered a called endometriosis, a very painful disorder in which uterine tissue starts to grow outside the uterus.

During the early stages of her second pregnancy, she says, she had to undergo laparoscopy surgery for the endometriosis. Her husband, however, she says, still wants more children. “He says we can have four of five,” Flavia said.

“He says we can manage more kids. He doesn’t mind them. But I am sure he sees how much it takes emotionally and physically… it’s not just about the money.”

Flavia married Kabuura in 2019. They welcomed their first son Liam in April 2020 and their twins in May this year.


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