“MC Kats silikusonyiwa okuva wewavuma Maama gwange” Fille Speaks Out

Singer Fille Mutoni baby mama girlfriend to media personality MC Kats has said she is still angry at the celebrity. These two have one daughter but she has become a problem in their relationship.

While they had separated, MC Kats approached Fille’s mother seeking his daughter. He said every time he went to pick her up, they denied him. He abused Fille’s mother accusing her of failing to look after her daughter and taking her to school like many parents.

Like any other person, Fille wasn’t happy with MC Kats storming her home and attacking her mother like he did. She said even if they did have an argument, it wasn’t okay for MC Kats to exchange word with a woman who gave birth to her. It is very disrespectful and she can’t get over it.

According to her, there is a way she sees MC Kats ever since the incident. She, therefore, doesn’t think she will ever forgive him because of that.

“Ever since MC Kats attacked my mother and exchanged words with her it has never set well with me. He apologized but I don’t think I will forgive him.

He was claiming his daughter yet every time he wanted her he picked her. It was uncalled for for him to do what he did,” Fille said

It should be noted that MC Kats has said he is going to wed Fille soon and the wedding will be paid for like a concert.


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