Some Ugandan artistes Need to Improve their personal hygiene, They Don’t Shower – Bebe Cool tells artiste

In a recent and candid interview, the controversial musician Bebe Cool has taken a bold stance, calling upon his fellow artists to address their personal hygiene and living conditions, drawing a stark parallel to conditions reminiscent of hell.

Bebe Cool, a prominent figure in Uganda’s music scene, has never shied away from expressing his opinions, and this latest commentary has ignited a spirited debate within the country’s artistic community.

During the interview, Bebe Cool unapologetically criticized the lax approach many artists take toward their personal hygiene and living conditions. He likened these conditions to a living nightmare, emphasizing the need for a profound transformation within the industry.

His comments have elicited a variety of responses from fellow Ugandan musicians. Some within the community are quick to support Bebe Cool’s stance, asserting that it is high time for the music industry to raise its standards.

They argue that personal hygiene and living conditions significantly impact the overall image of the industry, and improvements in these areas are long overdue.

However, Bebe Cool’s call to action has not been universally well-received. Some have accused him of adopting a harsh and arrogant tone, suggesting that he should instead choose a more supportive approach when addressing his colleagues.

They emphasize that artists often face diverse challenges, and pointing fingers and criticizing may not be the most constructive way to bring about change.

It is important to note that the debate sparked by Bebe Cool’s comments goes beyond personal hygiene and living conditions. It delves into broader issues, such as professionalism, self-discipline, and the need for collective efforts to elevate the Ugandan music industry to international standards.

While opinions on Bebe Cool’s approach may differ, it is undeniable that his words have ignited a critical conversation within the Ugandan music community.

The path forward for the industry may involve a balance between constructive criticism and support, as artists come together to transform their collective future.


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