What do women want? Lady’s Shaved Head Sparks Online Debates

A recent video has sparked lively discussions on social media as a lady made a daring move to clean shave her long hair and embrace an artificial wig.

The short video captured the moment when her hair was completely shaved, leaving her with a smooth, hairless head. To the surprise of many, she proceeded to acquire and attach an artificial weave to her newly shaved scalp.

This unconventional choice left viewers puzzled, with questions arising about why she opted to part ways with her natural hair only to invest in weaves.

However, defenders of her decision argue that she should have the freedom to express herself through her chosen hairstyle.

Regardless of her choice, it’s worth noting that she remained stunning in both her natural and wig-adorned looks.

The video serves as a reminder that beauty is a matter of personal preference, and the lady’s confidence shines through in both her natural and wig-enhanced styles.


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