“KENZO OLI MUTEMU ATE MUNANFUUSI” DJ Jacob Omutuuze Accuses Eddy Kenzo of Murder and Betrayal

The ongoing war of words between popular singer Eddy Kenzo and Dembe FM presenter DJ Jacob Omutuuze shows no signs of abating. In this one-sided battle, DJ Jacob has taken to branding the Big Talent boss as a murderer and an evil man, escalating the feud to alarming proportions.

The conflict started when DJ Jacob faced criticism from Eddy Kenzo’s fans for not including the hit song “Balipila Boda” in his countdown, even though it’s currently one of the biggest songs in Uganda. In response, the radio presenter vented his frustrations on his Facebook page, launching a scathing attack on Kenzo and his supporters.

In a shocking statement, DJ Jacob alleged that he was never paid when he played Eddy Kenzo’s songs, accusing the BET Award-winning artist of having a dark past, claiming that Kenzo “killed many” people on his journey to stardom. He even went so far as to assert that Kenzo had engaged in malevolent rituals.

Furthermore, DJ Jacob claimed that the President of the Uganda Musicians and Comedians Association (UMMF) was orchestrating the attacks from his fans directed at him. He was so confident in this belief that he staked his own life and that of his child on the accuracy of his claims.

Adding another layer of complexity to the feud, the Bunamwaya LC 3 chairman warned Eddy Kenzo that he was not immortal and would eventually face judgment. He stated, “I want to reiterate my earlier statements about Eddy Kenzo.

He’s a very evil man who has murdered and sacrificed many people on his way to success. But I want to warn him that he’s not immortal. He will also die and pay for his sins.”

Despite their previous close relationship, DJ Jacob refused to reveal the exact circumstances that led to their falling out. He did, however, mention that Eddy Kenzo was aware of what had transpired.

Additionally, DJ Jacob stated that he had no intention of reconciling with the singer, despite the fact that he claimed to have loved him deeply. Notably, he did not provide any details or evidence to support his allegations of murder.

The ongoing feud between Eddy Kenzo and DJ Jacob Omutuuze continues to captivate the attention of fans and the media. While the reasons for their discord remain shrouded in mystery, the allegations made by DJ Jacob have taken this dispute to a whole new level, leaving many in suspense about the potential outcome of this ongoing battle of words.


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