“If you are the President of Uganda, hold concerts ” Alien Skin Shares Candid Thoughts on Bobi Wine’s Presidency and Concerts

In a recent interview on Sunday, Alien Skin didn’t hold back when it came to sharing his reservations about NUP President Bobi Wine and his stance on hosting concerts.

During the interview, Alien Skin openly questioned why Bobi Wine, who lays claim to the presidency of Uganda, has refrained from organizing concerts. This query underscores Alien Skin’s skepticism about the singer-turned-politician’s priorities.

When the subject of a potential collaboration with Bobi Wine was broached, Alien Skin’s response seemed to lack the enthusiasm that might have been expected in the past.

Clearly, the once-amicable relationship between Alien Skin and the Firebase President has taken a turn for the worse. Alien Skin has become increasingly critical of Bobi Wine, publicly expressing doubts about his leadership, suggesting that there are concerns lingering in their professional rapport.


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