“We sleep on the same bed and we live in peace” Woman married to 2 husbands brags

In a truly remarkable and unconventional tale, a Congolese woman has shattered societal norms by embracing polyandry, a practice rarely seen in Africa. Francine Jisele, the protagonist of this unique love story, shares her life with not one but two husbands, Remi Murula and Albert Jarlace, all under the same roof.

Six years ago, Francine tied the knot with her first husband, Remi Murula, and together they welcomed two children into the world. However, fate took an unexpected turn when Murula left for greener pastures, leaving Francine and their children behind with little to no communication.



“Life was not easy, and my husband went on a journey that he never returned from. I found myself alone, spending three and a half years without him,” she revealed in a candid conversation with Afrimax English.

Left to navigate life as a single mother, Francine eventually found solace in the arms of another man. “After those years, I fell in love with another man because it was not easy for a woman to remain alone without a husband,” she explained.

But the story takes an even more unusual twist. Just as Francine and her second husband, Albert Jarlace, were building their life together, fate brought her first husband, Murula, back into the picture.

“After a year with my second husband, the first one came back,” Francine disclosed, highlighting the complexity of the situation.


Albert, the second husband, shared his perspective on the unique dynamic, saying, “I met this woman while working in the mining industry, and she told me she had another husband who had left to find a new life.”

Despite the surprise revelation, Albert felt that he had no choice but to accept the situation. “We were already together, and I had no idea she had another man,” he explained.

“We are three here. We get along well, and this woman is our wife. I had no contact with my wife since I left. When I returned, I found my wife with another man.”

Francine’s story challenges conventional norms and showcases the boundless nature of love. Her unconventional family dynamic demonstrates that, in matters of the heart, there are no fixed rules or boundaries. Love, it seems, knows no bounds.


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