” We kept stocking buveras for rainy days” Zuena Kirema Recalls Bebe Cool’s Modest Beginnings in the World of Cars

In a heartwarming revelation, Zuena Kirema, the wife of the renowned artist Bebe Cool, sheds light on the early days of their journey, a time when Bebe Cool’s first car was far from the luxurious automobiles he enjoys today. Back then, they resorted to using polythene bags (buvera) as makeshift rain protection.

Today, Bebe Cool effortlessly cruises the city streets in posh cars, a testament to his enduring success in the music industry spanning over two decades.


However, the story of his first car, a modest black Golf, as narrated by his wife Zuena Kirema, unveils a different chapter in their lives.

According to Zuena, Bebe Cool’s early venture into the world of cars was marked by simplicity. His first car, a black Golf, was acquired at a mere Ugx400,000.

This modest beginning showcases the remarkable journey of an artist who started from humble roots and has now risen to great heights in the entertainment industry.


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