“Galaxy FM’s Mr Henrie Mr Henrie parades off new Zungu Bonkmate

Rumors are swirling about Galaxy FM presenter Mr Henrie’s potential new romance with a Caucasian woman, as photographs of the two enjoying a cozy hangout in Kampala circulate across social media, leaving many to wonder about their relationship status.

This rumored relationship comes on the heels of Mr Henrie’s breakup with Prima Kardashi, singer Geosteady’s former partner, just two years ago. The reasons behind their separation remain shrouded in mystery.


Details about Mr Henrie’s newfound love interest remain elusive, but she is described as a striking Caucasian beauty.

While the duration of their connection remains uncertain, the photographs hint at a profound bond between the two, as their body language suggests a significant connection.

As of now, Mr Henrie has neither confirmed nor denied the speculations regarding his alleged new relationship, leaving fans eagerly awaiting further developments.


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