“Mummy Susan webale kunjagala” Grace Khan with A Heart Overflowing with Gratitude for Susan Makula’s Life-Changing Act of Kindness

In a world where opportunities often seem scarce and fleeting, Grace Khan is overflowing with gratitude as she expresses her deepest appreciation for Susan Makula, the wife of Pastor Aloysius Bugingo. Susan’s selfless act of kindness has not only touched Grace’s soul but has also reignited a flickering flame of hope within her.

Grace Khan, a talented musician who had faced numerous hardships and setbacks in her journey, had almost lost faith in the possibility of a brighter tomorrow. However, Susan Makula, a prominent figure in the religious community and the wife of Pastor Bugingo, stepped in to change the course of Grace’s life.


Susan took over custody of Grace Khan and her daughter, Granah, after the singer battled personal challenges that had a severe impact on her psychological well-being and her ability to provide a stable environment for her daughter’s growth.

To restore Grace Khan’s mental state and provide her with the support she needed, Susan Makula took it upon herself to grant her custody. Considering Grace’s present condition, Susan’s efforts have been truly commendable.

During her time under Susan Makula’s care, Grace Khan was provided with a supportive and uplifting environment, along with valuable guidance and aid.

This experience will prove to be crucial as the musician embarks on a journey to rebuild her life and strive towards a more promising future.

With this newfound lease on life, Grace is determined to make the most of this second chance. As she reflects on the profound impact Susan has had on her life, she is overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude that words alone cannot fully express.

The “Njakufa Naye” singer conveyed her appreciation to Susan Makula through her personal Facebook profile, where she disclosed that she has transformed into a revitalized churchgoer, much to the excitement of her fans, followers, and well-wishers.


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