Music, emotions, and surprises at Aziz Azion’s Strings of Love Concert

In the elegant surroundings of Serena Hotel’s Victoria Hall, an electric air of anticipation filled the atmosphere as fans eagerly awaited Aziz Azion’s highly anticipated concert, aptly themed “Strings Of Love.”

The event proved to be a mesmerizing fusion of music and emotion that had the entire city buzzing with excitement, with dedicated fans pouring in hours before the show.


As the clock struck 8 p.m., the stage ignited in a burst of energy, and Aziz Azion, the night’s protagonist, made his grand entrance.


The audience erupted into cheers and applause as he began the evening with his signature hit, “Baliwa.” Azion’s commanding vocals reverberated through the venue, setting the stage for a remarkable night.

Aziz Azion’s performance was a musical odyssey through his illustrious career, as he serenaded the audience with timeless hits such as “Yegwe,” “Ndi Wuwo,” and “Nakupenda,” the latter featuring a surprise appearance by the talented Fresh Kid. Their captivating duet left the audience spellbound, and the chemistry between the two artists was palpable.

Supported by the exceptional Maestro band, Aziz Azion showcased his prowess on the guitar, earning him the well-deserved title of the “Guitar King Kong.”

The instrument wove its way through most of his songs, infusing a unique and soulful dimension into the music that resonated deeply with the audience.

The event was masterfully hosted by media personalities Abbey Mukiibi and Tash Hubby, who skillfully engaged and entertained the crowd throughout the night.

Aziz Azion’s performance unfolded in three electrifying sessions, each building on the energy of the previous one, as he delivered all his beloved songs. The event also featured guest appearances by renowned musicians such as Rema Namakula, Levixone, and Jamal Waswa, each contributing their own brand of magic to the unforgettable night.

The evening was a celebration of sing-alongs, with passionate fans who knew every word to Aziz Azion’s songs. As the midnight hour approached, the concert drew to a close, leaving the audience with hearts brimming with love and music.

“Strings Of Love” was a resounding success, drawing a diverse crowd of attendees, including fellow musicians, politicians, media personalities, and music promoters.

For Aziz Azion, this event marked a triumphant return to the concert stage, more than a decade after his last major concert, “Oxygen,” in 2011 at Kati Kati.


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