Empowering African Lives: Hazues.com and Kyaji.org Join Forces to Combat Hunger Through Sustainable Crowdfunding

In a landmark development, Hazues.com, recognized as Africa’s most secure crowdfunding platform, has entered into a dynamic partnership with Kyaji.org, a devoted organization on a mission to eradicate hunger through sustainable farming and food production.

Together, they are committed to uplifting Uganda and enhancing the lives of individuals across the African continent. The official announcement of this transformative collaboration was made by Male Deogratius, the founder of Hazues, during a press conference held on Tuesday, November 7th, 2023.


Kyaji.org, under the leadership of its CEO, Patrick Ssonko, has been leading the charge with their compassionate mission to “Feed Nations” and eliminate hunger through sustainable agricultural practices. The organization’s resolute dedication to food security and sustainable farming seamlessly aligns with the core values of Hazues.com, making this partnership a formidable catalyst for positive change in the region.

Male Deogratius, the visionary founder of Hazues, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, “Today, we are taking a significant stride towards improving lives in Uganda and across the entire African continent. Hazues takes pride in collaborating with Kyaji.org, an extraordinary organization that shares our fervor for making a difference.

Together, we will work to create lasting impact by leveraging our crowdfunding platform to support sustainable farming, food production, and community development initiatives.”

Kyaji Food Bank, a pivotal project under Kyaji.org, has been actively engaged in enhancing food security by delivering sustainable agricultural solutions to communities in need.

Patrick Ssonko, CEO of Kyaji.org, was humbled by the opportunity to partner with Hazues and remarked, “Our mission at Kyaji.org is to prioritize African lives, and through this partnership, we will amplify our efforts and make a more significant impact.

Collaborating with Hazues, we are poised to develop sustainable solutions that address hunger and enhance the quality of life for many in Uganda and beyond.”

The collaboration between Hazues.com and Kyaji.org will empower individuals and organizations to engage in crowdfunding campaigns focused on sustainable farming, food production, and community development projects in Uganda and other parts of Africa.

This initiative is expected to empower local communities, create employment opportunities, and, ultimately, contribute to the continent’s progress and well-being.

In the face of Africa’s ongoing challenges in food security and economic development, the Hazues-Kyaji partnership symbolizes a beacon of hope, showcasing that innovative solutions can be discovered to address pressing issues when united.

As this collaboration unfolds, it is anticipated that more lives will be uplifted, more people will gain access to nutritious food, and the African continent will move closer to realizing its full potential.

Both organizations are preparing for a series of joint initiatives and campaigns, which will be unveiled in the coming months. As Africa’s most secure crowdfunding platform and a dedicated advocate for sustainable farming, Hazues.com and Kyaji.org are poised to leave a lasting impact on the region, further strengthening the bonds that unite them in the pursuit of a better future for all.


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