NAYE KINO EKIVUBUKA KIMANYIIRA | Alien Skin Calls on Bobi Wine to Sell His Assets And Donate the Proceeds to Show Struggle

Renowned artist and activist Bobi Wine has recently faced a thought-provoking challenge from Alien Skin, urging him to demonstrate his unwavering commitment to the liberation of Uganda by parting ways with his assets. These assets notably include Busabala Beach, properties in Kawempe, and his residence in Magere.

Alien Skin contends that such a move would not only symbolize solidarity with the common people engaged in the struggle but would also serve as a tangible testament to Bobi Wine’s dedication to their cause.


The suggestion is that the proceeds from the sale of these assets could be channeled toward noble endeavors, such as establishing a Universal Primary Education (UPE) school or providing support to those in need.

Although Alien Skin acknowledges the presence of imperfections within Bobi Wine’s camp, he refrains from exposing them publicly. Instead, his focus remains on the fundamental question of how someone as affluent as Bobi Wine can genuinely claim to be deeply involved in a struggle.

In stark contrast, Mulwana Patrick, known as Alien Skin, asserts that he has tirelessly worked to improve his own circumstances and surmount adversity, making his challenge to Bobi Wine all the more potent.

This challenge by Alien Skin has come to the forefront following a physical altercation with Bajjo Events in Makindye, which saw Alien Skin’s vehicle targeted by a security guard’s gunfire and his tires punctured.

It is within this charged environment that Alien Skin’s call for a more profound demonstration of commitment by Bobi Wine emerges, raising critical questions about the path to Uganda’s liberation.


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