SITYA DANGER: Kyabazinga Side Dish Alison Anna Gabula Makes Dramatic Return to Uganda with Evidence, Posing Threat to Royal Wedding; Legal Battles Loom with Child Neglect and Bigamy Allegations Against Gabula

Alison Anna Gabula, a British citizen claiming official matrimony with His Royal Highness William Gabula Nadiope IV, the Kyabazinga of Busoga Kingdom, has made a dramatic entrance into the country, setting the stage for a royal showdown.

East African Vibes exclusively reports that Alison arrived at Entebbe International Airport on Tuesday evening and was promptly escorted to one of Kampala city’s upscale hotels.


“I won’t shy away from the challenge. Our katukiiro (Busoga Primer) Joseph Muvawala threatens arrest, but I’m here to confront him. I’ll teach Gabula a lesson; marriage isn’t a game. Playing with people’s daughters has consequences,” declared a defiant Alison.

She asserted her return was to support Mugerwa & Partners Advocates in her legal battle for marital rights. Alison has served legal notices to Rev. Canon Patrick Wakula and Dr. Steven Kazimba Mugalu, warning against officiating Gabula’s wedding with Jovia Mutesi.

Despite the warnings, Dr. Kazimba remains resolute about presiding over the ceremony at Bugembe Christ Cathedral, where President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is expected to attend. Sources claim adjustments are underway to ensure the President’s security.

Alison issued a bold warning: anyone attending the wedding risks becoming a suspect in her bigamy case against Gabula and Mutesi. Her lawyers plan to randomly select witnesses from the attendees to strengthen their case.

Alison, who claims to be Gabula’s legally wedded wife, has instructed her British lawyers to file a child neglect suit against him. She alleges Gabula has neglected their two children, Mitchell Muyisa (8) and Josephine Katali (6), residing with her in London.

Dismissing Alison’s claims, Muvawala, also the National Planning Authority CEO, asserted that Gabula has not entered any other legal marriage. He assured the world that the royal wedding is on schedule for this Saturday at Bugembe Christ Cathedral, with the reception at the Kingdom headquarters. Legal counteractions are underway to refute Alison’s allegations.


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