“Gwe nyabo Zahara Totto Stop Always Being so Negative to Others, You Have Put Many People Into Depression” Tashi Hubby Urges Zahara Totto to Cease Negativity

BBS Terefayina presenter Tashi Hubby has delivered a thoughtful critique of fellow Sanyuka TV presenter Zahara Toto, expressing concerns about her disrespectful behavior towards other women in the industry, some of whom she has allegedly impacted negatively.

Zahara Toto is facing scrutiny for her disparaging remarks directed at actress Shamim Mayanja, deemed by many as unnecessary and unwarranted.


Tashi Hubby, known for her vibrant presence on screen, used her platform to address this issue, calling for a more positive atmosphere within the entertainment industry.

In a well-articulated message, Tashi urged Zahara to reconsider her approach and exhibit greater humility towards her colleagues. Tashi took a moment to commend women like Faridah Nakazibwe, Diana Nabatanzi, and Maggie Kigozi for their grace and dignity, emphasizing the importance of mutual respect and empowerment among women in the field.

Ever an advocate for balance, Tashi Hubby stressed the significance of life beyond television and social media. She encouraged Zahara to embark on a journey of personal growth and healing, pointing out that positive relationships extend beyond the digital realm.

Drawing comparisons between Zahara Toto and the women she targets, Tashi noted that the latter group seems to be faring significantly better in various aspects of life.

However, the critique was delivered with compassion, urging Zahara to seek the necessary support for personal development.

Tashi Hubby’s post has sparked a lively online conversation, with many netizens applauding her bold stance against negativity and her call for a culture of positivity and kindness in the entertainment industry.

As discussions unfold, it remains to be seen whether Tashi’s words will inspire a shift towards more uplifting and supportive dynamics among presenters.


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