Nubian Li In Hot Soup Bruno K’s Latest Baby Mama Points Finger at him

In the midst of the already infamous love saga surrounding local singer Bruno K, another musician, Bukeni Ali, aka Nubian Li, has been drawn into the web of controversy.

Unconfirmed reports are now suggesting that Nubian Li may be the father of the child at the center of the drama.


The recent twist unfolded when a UK-based woman, identified only as Mima, publicly accused Bruno of being a beggar and a “deadbeat dad.” However, Bruno’s family has stepped forward to defend him, dismissing Mima’s claims as falsehoods.

During a comprehensive two-hour YouTube interview, Bruno’s elder sister, Nalongo Brenda Nakanjako Mboowa, revealed that the paternity of Mima’s child, named Malika and currently three years old, remains uncertain.

Contrary to Mima’s allegations against Bruno, Nakanjanko stated that Mima herself had privately admitted multiple times that Bruno is not the child’s father.

According to Nakanjanko, Mima disclosed in a WhatsApp chat that the actual father of her child is singer Nubian Li and expressed willingness to prove it through DNA testing. Nakanjanko emphasized, “She told me this herself, I have all the screenshots.”

It appears that Mima had informed Bruno about the situation months ago, indicating that he was not the father of the child. Nakanjanko mentioned that Mima initially reached out to her around March this year when another woman, Vanessa Kirabo Atuhaire, the mother of Bruno’s son, made serious child neglect allegations against the singer.

In their lengthy WhatsApp conversations, Nakanjanko revealed that Mima expressed discontent with Vanessa, accusing her of being a “clout seeker” and “classless.” Mima questioned where Bruno found such women and vowed never to publicly reveal herself and her child.

However, Nakanjanko noted a sudden change in Mima’s stance in September when yet another woman, Mariam “Dorah” Ssembatya, claimed to be pregnant with Bruno’s child. At this point, Mima began asserting that her child had a different father.

The love saga continues to unfold, with each revelation adding new layers to the intricate web of relationships and accusations.


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