Victoria University opens doors to content creaters, promotes Tourism in Uganda

Victoria University has partnered with nature conservationist, Arturo Islas Allende to promote and conserve tourism in Uganda.

Arturo, the “EL SOL DE ORO” award winning environmental activism conservationist was awed with the beautiful culture and people of Uganda who have a great knowledge of the wildlife and also noted that Uganda is one of the five countries in the world with a lot of bio-diversity calling it the pearl of not only Africa, but the world.

in his address to the press at the University campus in Kampala, the Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. Lawrence Muganga emphasized the importance of promoting the country though tourism with the help of technology.
“if you think you are good content creator, a good photographer or researcher but you still want to learn with the best, then Victoria University should be your goal in the next future” he said adding that those who will take up the opportunity will be able not to only work in Uganda but the rest of the world.

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    The Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Prof. Augustine Ifelebuegu noted the potential technology has in promoting conservation and noted that the University will open the Arturo Islas learning Center in order to create a big and better opportunity in promoting and conserving the wildlife.
    “Imagine a world where technology meets conservation? there will be a education initiatives to empower communities to become guides of their own natural heritage and that is where we want to do together to open an environment and conservation center sitting here at Victoria University|”. He said.

In a bit of changing the traditional mode of education, the University has championed a technology led mode of teaching championed by the Vice Chancellor of the Institution emphasizing that technology is the way to go.


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