“NZE NJAKUFUMBA PILAWO” Caroline Marcah Says She Will Serve Rice At MC Kats And Fille’s Wedding

Media personality Caroline Mirembe, popularly known as Caroline Marcah, has expressed her heartfelt commitment to serve rice at the upcoming wedding of her ex, MC Kats, and singer Fille.

Marcah and Kats were once romantically involved during a challenging period in Kats’ life when he had just separated from Fille, the mother of his daughter. Their relationship garnered significant public attention as they were frequently seen together.

Kats And Caro


At that time, Fille was not part of the picture due to her battle with depression, and Kats was grappling with various challenges. However, after the Covid-19 lockdown, the bond between Kats and Marcah began to weaken, creating space for Fille to re-enter Kats’ life.

Kats has consistently emphasized that no one understands him like Fille, expressing confidence that they will remain together.

Recently, the outspoken TV show host announced his readiness to marry Fille, and plans for the wedding are already underway. Notably, Kats mentioned that this wedding would be unique, with attendees expected to pay for entrance.

Given Marcah’s past close friendship and partnership with Kats, questions arose about her role in the upcoming wedding. In response, Marcah graciously stated that she is prepared to serve rice at the reception and is more than happy to do so.

Kindeka ku reception nga ngaba mukyele ba dear,” she posted.

It’s important to mention that Caroline Marcah is a single mother to one son. Despite the changes in their relationship dynamics, her willingness to contribute positively to the celebration reflects a mature and amicable approach to the situation.


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