“ABASAJJA ABAGAGA TEBAMANYI MUKWAANO” Martha Kay Unveils the Romantic Truth

Popular radio presenter and social media comedienne, Martha Kagimba, also known as Martha Kay, recently opened up about her dating experiences, dispelling the common notion that wealth equates to romance.

In a candid revelation, she shared that she has never been in a relationship with a rich man, citing their tendency to rely solely on money as the foundation of their connections.


According to Martha, affluent men often use their financial status as the primary determinant in relationships, neglecting the emotional and romantic aspects.

She expressed a desire for a partner who goes beyond material gestures, emphasizing the importance of sweet gestures such as thoughtful calls, inquiries about her day, and expressions of affection.

“Contrary to popular belief, I’ve never dated a rich man. Most of them have NO ROMANCE. They use their money as the beginning and end to all things. Something I can’t stand.

I just need someone to call me and say, ‘Hey sunshine, did you sleep well?’ ‘I’m here at work but can’t stop thinking about you.’ ‘I miss you my baby.’ ‘Can I see you after work, baby?’ Wululuuuu. Naye this thing of just sending money without knowing how I am. Nedda,” Martha revealed.

While some supported Martha’s perspective, asserting the significance of emotional connection over financial affluence, others argued that money alone suffices in a relationship. Some women maintained that there is no romance greater than the security provided by financial stability.

In response to Martha’s revelations, a significant number of men expressed confusion, pondering what women truly desire in a relationship.

Some highlighted the challenge of women seemingly changing their preferences, initially claiming they cannot love a financially struggling man, only to shift focus when they find wealthier partners.

This perplexity led to discussions in Martha’s comment section, reflecting the broader societal discourse on relationship dynamics and individual preferences.

The age-old saying “fear women” was invoked, suggesting a perceived unpredictability in women’s romantic expectations.

Despite being in several relationships, Martha Kay maintains a discreet approach to her personal life, carefully shielding it from the public eye.

The Next FM presenter’s revelations have sparked conversations on the complex interplay between wealth and romance in modern relationships.


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