Learning From Her Own Past Mistakes: Winnie Nwagi is Aiming to Safeguard Daughter Destiny Mirembe

In a recent interview with NBS TV, music sensation Winnie Nwagi opened up about her determined commitment to shield her daughter, Destiny Mirembe, from repeating the mistakes of her youth.

Nwagi candidly shared her perspective on the pitfalls of early dating, labeling it as a mistake she personally encountered during her formative years.


The singer, reflecting on her own journey, acknowledged that early dating played a pivotal role in the challenges she faced, notably her early pregnancy.

During the interview, Nwagi emphasized her proactive approach in steering her daughter away from such pitfalls. She expressed her strong desire for Destiny Mirembe to avoid dating at a young age, underlining the importance of learning from her own experiences.

Recognizing the natural inclination for independence that comes with adolescence, Nwagi conveyed her commitment to actively guide her daughter when the time comes for her to navigate the complexities of dating.

The artist’s candid revelations shed light on her heartfelt determination to impart valuable lessons and protect her daughter from potential pitfalls on the path to adulthood.


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