Kifeesi gang leader Sobi killed in Gomba where he had gone with his gang to evict local residents off their land on behalf of a rich man

with a gang to try and evict local residents off their land on behalf of an alleged rich land grabber.

In a tragic turn of events on Monday, December 18, 2023, the self-confessed criminal and leader of the notorious Kifeesi gang, known as ‘Sobi,’ met his demise in Maddu Gomba. Once a terror to Kampala residents, Sobi had recently claimed a conversion and was reportedly enjoying state protection, but his violent end unfolded during an illegal eviction operation led by his gang.

Sobi and his gang had ventured to forcefully displace local residents from their land, allegedly acting on behalf of a wealthy land grabber.


While details surrounding his death remained scarce at press time, a security source confirmed that Sobi met his fate when the locals overwhelmed his gang, resulting in the death of four other gang members.

It’s alleged that today the December 18, 2023 at around 12.30 pm at the land belonging to one Kalisa of the same area kibaale village, Kigumba parish Maddu Sub-County, Gomba district, a group of around 50 people armed with sticks,pangas, spears attacked another group of people who claimed the same land belongs to them and ended up killing one known as Sobi.

The land in question was bought by Kalisa at Shs100 million and paid only Shs20 million in 2007 but it’s claimed that he bought from a wrong person.

Another group of people who claimed to be the children and grandchildren of the now late Paul Kibi led by Deborah Nagadiya and Barton Kiweewa emerged with land titles claiming the same land belongs to them

The issue went up to court and before it was sorted, the second group also brought thugs from Kisenyi Kampala to stay on land as they cleared the unwanted bushes.

East African Vibes understands last night,Kalisa’s people hired their people from other areas and they met at his son’s house as they planned to attack the other group. The same group is alleged to have killed more others though only one body has been recovered with cut wounds on the leg and neck.

Police at Gomba are said to have responded to the scene with the team that included; Oc stations Gomba and Maddu, D/OC CID, SOCCO and Crime Intelligence , other uniformed personnels from Gomba, Maddu and kigezi police.

Shooting to Fame:

Sobi gained notoriety in 2017 when he openly confessed to being the leader of the feared Kifeesi gang. This admission marked him as a target for law enforcement, with the former Inspector General of Police, Gen. Kale Kayihura, making multiple attempts to apprehend him.

However, Sobi found refuge under the protection of former Internal Security Organisation head, Col. (rtd) Frank Kaka Bagyenda, who provided him shelter in a safe house in Kyengera.

During this time, ISO utilized Sobi in its power struggle against Kayihura, as Sobi claimed to possess information about top police officials collaborating with criminal elements in Kampala. In October 2020, Bagyenda was replaced as ISO boss by Maj. Charles Oluka, leading to the expulsion of opportunists recruited by Kaka. This decision left Sobi back on the streets, where sources suggest he operated as a freelance mercenary for hire.

Sobi’s influence was so significant that individuals detained at Lwamayuba Island under Kaka’s leadership claimed he served as the commander of the safe house operated by Bagyenda. In a media interview in 2021, Sobi revealed that he adopted the name “Sobi” from the movie “Escape from Sobibor.” The notorious figure, once shielded by powerful connections, ultimately met his end in the midst of an unlawful eviction operation.


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