Police Confirms Angry Mob killed Ex-Notorious Kifeesif Sserunjoji Paddy SOBI

In a somber confirmation, the Uganda Police officially announced the demise of Sserunjoji Paddy Sobi, a once notorious figure in the criminal world. The revelation came this evening, putting an end to the speculations that had been circulating on social media earlier today, suggesting his death at the hands of an enraged crowd in Gomba.

The official statement released by the Police verified the unfortunate demise of Sserunjoji Paddy Sobi and revealed that several others had suffered serious injuries during the incident.


Swift intervention by Gomba Police officers helped restore order in the area, and the deceased’s body was subsequently transferred to Gomba Hospital Mortuary for a thorough postmortem examination.

Among the injured individuals were Katumba Gerald, Mateka Andrew, and Aliyu Dela, their conditions raising concerns and prompting a heightened investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident. The police are actively engaged in unraveling the events that led to the demise of Sserunjoji Paddy Sobi and the injuries sustained by others.

The community now grapples with the aftermath of this tragic event as law enforcement endeavors to piece together the details, shedding light on the events that transpired in Gomba.


The Territorial Police of Gomba, in collaboration with the Katonga Regional Police, has commenced an investigation into a murder that occurred today, December 18, 2023, in Kibaale village, Kigumba parish, Maddu subcounty, Gomba district.

The incident resulted in the death of one individual, identified as Sobi. Preliminary findings suggest that around 12:30 PM today, on land belonging to Kalisa in Kibaale village, Kigumba parish, Maddu sub-county, Gomba district, a group of 50 people armed with sticks, pangas, and spears attacked another group, resulting in the death of one person.

The disputed land was purchased by Kalisa, who paid 20 million out of a total of 100 million in 2007.

However, it is claimed that he bought it from the wrong person. Another group, purporting to be the children and grandchildren of the late Kibi Paul and led by Deborah Nagadiya and Kiwewa Barton, emerged with land titles, claiming their ownership of the same land.

Legal proceedings were initiated, but before the case could be resolved, the second group brought individuals from Kampala Kisenyi to occupy and clear the land.

During today’s clash, different items, including food, utensils, and structures, were destroyed. The group is alleged to have killed more individuals, although only one body has been recovered with cut wounds on the leg and neck.

Officers from Gomba Police responded immediately, restoring order in the area. The deceased’s body has been conveyed to Gomba Hospital Mortuary for postmortem.

Currently, there are three confirmed injuries including Katumba Gerald, Mateka Andrew, and Aliyu Dela. Further details will be provided in due course.
SP Majid Karim Ag.
PRO, Katonga Region


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