😥😥Omugenzi Arnold Barber ne mukyala we Shinah babadde bakava ku baby shower, Mukyalawe yamutemyetemye naye neyeta

The TikTok community is in total shock after the untimely death of Arnold Barber, a prominent figure and the son of the famous Brian Barber,. He was reportedly stabbed by his girlfriend who also later ended herlife after realizing he wasn’t breathing.

According to sources, it is reported that the unfortunate incident unfolded after a heated argument between Arnold and his baby mama took a tragic turn, resulting in Arnold’s untimely death.


Allegedly, amidst the escalating disagreement, the situation escalated to a point where Arnold was fatally stabbed by his partner, leaving those acquainted with the skilled and well-liked barber questioning the circumstances leading to this tragic end.

Adding another layer of heartbreak to the already devastating news, it has been reported that Arnold’s wife subsequently took her own life. The community is left mourning the loss of not just one, but two lives, and the couple’s child now faces an uncertain future without parents.

Arnold Barber’s legacy, marked by his exceptional skills as a barber, will be remembered fondly. His ability to transform hair into works of art earned him a devoted clientele, including some of the entertainment industry’s biggest names like Feffe Bussi and DJ Shiru, among others.

The establishment that Arnold built from the ground up, Raster’s Saloon, stands as a testament to his hard work and success.

Preparations for their burial are already underway. Friends, family, and clients are coming together to support one another during this challenging time, offering condolences and sharing memories of the vibrant and talented barber.

May Arnold and his wife find peace in the afterlife, and may their loved ones find solace in the cherished memories they shared.


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