A Bundle of Joy: Mikie Wine and Pauline Kemigisha Welcome Their Second Child

Celebrations abound as Mikie Wine, also known as Micheal Mukwaya, and his partner Pauline Kemigisha share the delightful news of the arrival of their second child.

The couple, who had previously kept their relationship private, is now opening up their expanding family to the world.


Mikie Wine took to Instagram, treating his devoted followers to a heartwarming reel featuring their newest addition. The video captures Mikie lovingly cradling the baby in his arms, surrounded by the warmth of his other children.

The palpable love and joy radiating from the footage have left fans eagerly anticipating more details about this precious bundle of joy.

Pauline Kemigisha, Mikie Wine’s partner, also shared glimpses of the tender moments between Mikie Wine and their newborn on social media.

The videos portray Mikie Wine showering the little one with love and affection, creating a beautiful bond between father and child.

While the gender and name of the baby remain a mystery, fans are eagerly awaiting further updates from the couple. Rest assured, as more information becomes available, we will keep you informed.


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