“God Saw My Tears” Margaret Namusisi Welcomes Triplets at 46 After Losing 2 Sons:

Margaret Namusisi, a mother of five, has joyfully shared her testimony of God’s goodness after welcoming three beautiful babies, marking a heartwarming turn in her life.

In a video that captured her overflowing happiness, Namusisi recounted her journey, expressing gratitude for the arrival of adorable triplets that filled the void left by the loss of her two sons almost two decades ago.


“At 20, I gave birth to a baby girl, followed by another girl, and two boys. Unfortunately, I lost my sons—one shortly after birth, and the other after completing university,” she shared with NTV Uganda.

Desiring to expand her family, Namusisi faced hesitancy from her husband, who was cautious after the heartbreaking loss of their two sons. Despite the challenges, Namusisi engaged in self-reflection and prayer, determined not to give up on her dream of having more children.

Proposing the idea of In vitro fertilization (IVF) to her husband, she encountered initial resistance due to concerns about the associated costs. Undeterred, Namusisi reassured her husband, expressing readiness for whatever processes were necessary.

“After further scans, the doctors revealed that two eggs had been fertilized. To everyone’s surprise, three embryos had successfully developed,” she joyfully exclaimed.

Welcoming the triplets at the age of 46, Namusisi believes that God heard her cries and saw her tears, answering her prayers with the gift of newborns. Despite the challenges, she remains hopeful about adding more children to her family.

Margaret Namusisi’s story echoes the resilience and determination of individuals facing fertility challenges. Her journey stands as a testament to the miracles that can unfold, bringing joy and hope after years of heartache.


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